About Us

At Alpharetta Cell Phone Repair, we know that your electronic device is more than just a work tool or a technological toy—it’s your baby. When it goes buggy or gets broken, you need it fixed fast. There’s just no way you can stand to be apart from it for too long. We’re not judging, we feel the same way about our devices!

Quick Is Our Middle Name

Depending on the problem with your device, you might enjoy:

  • An at-the-counter solution
  • While-you-wait service
  • A quick fix while you run errands
  • Next day pickup
  • Priority mail service to have your phone delivered to your doorstep
  • A trusted cell phone repair shop

Your Data Plan Is Unlimited—Your Repair Bill Shouldn’t Be

We know that the monthly charges for today’s mobility plans are pretty steep. Our goal is to get you talking, texting, gaming, and surfing again, all that for a reasonable price. We think you should be able to hand over your device for repair without emptying your wallet at the same time. We always provide a free estimate before you give us you give us your phone.

Your Device Is in Good Hands

We value your trust and stake our reputation on providing reliable service. That’s why we ensure our technicians have thorough, hands-on training with each type of device we repair. We don’t just tinker around and hope we can fix your tablet or smartphone with a little luck and some duct tape. And we don’t cause new malfunctions when we correct the existing problems. We like repeat customers, but we want them to come back because their happy—not because they want to throw their cell phone through our window!

No Warranty? No Problem

Do you feel like those extended warranties cell phone kiosk salespeople try to push on you are a big rip-off? Did you decide to do without and take your chances? Are you kicking yourself now that your mobility device is breaking down long before your contract is up? That’s OK. Our pricing is so affordable that you don’t have to feel bad about failing to buy that longer warranty. We can usually get your device working again so you don’t have to pay for a replacement. Of course, if your phone is so ancient that repairing it would cost as much as buying a new one, we’ll tell you that up front. Here’s a hint—if your phone has a rotary dial, it’s too old for us to fix…

We’re just a quick drive from Johns Creek, Cumming, Milton, and Roswell. Come see us at Alpharetta Cell Phone Repair in Alpharetta any day of the week, or call us (from a working phone) to learn more about our services.