Is It Easy to Perform an iPhone 5 Screen Replacement on Your Own?


iphone repair shopDo you think that it is possible for you to complete the iPhone 5 screen replacement process on your own? There is a certain amount of technical knowledge that you must possess in order to carry out a successful screen repair.

There is no doubt that the most prevalent problem to plague iPhone users is the cracked or damaged screen. iPhones are one of the most delicate forms of technology to date, and the touch screen is created with glass. This means that if the device is dropped, it will break on impact. So, what can a user do to repair the damage? Most users begin searching for replacement screens and tools online.

If you decide to replace the screen on your own, you will need the proper tools. There are many parts and tools sold on various websites, but are they any good?

The extensive repairs that are needed for these types of devices will not be supported by the typical ‘tools’ that you find in the repair kits that are sold online. However, an experienced and qualified technician will have the correct tools needed to complete an iPhone 5 screen replacement.

iPhone 5 Screen Replacement Steps

The first step in replacing the screen is to turn the device off and take the SIM tray out. A screwdriver would then need to be used to remove the screws at the bottom of the phone. Removing the screws will allow you to remove the cover that is on the back of the phone. The battery connector and the battery would need to be removed.

Once the battery has been removed, several more screws that are holding the shield will also need to be removed. This process is difficult.  If it is not completed by a properly trained person, the ribbons and other parts inside of the phone could be damaged.

Placing a new screen on the iPhone 5 is actually the easiest part of the process. The most difficult part is making sure all of the internal components are placed back into their correct spaces. This is the stage of the replacement process where a user can cause damage to the motherboard. In addition, the user can become frustrated trying to put the device back together.

Unless you have specialized training for iPhone 5 screen replacement, it is best to allow a reputable and dependable iPhone repair shop replace the cracked screen. Taking your device to a professional repair shop will save you time, money, your sanity and your device from further irreversible damage.