Steps That You Need To Take To Minimize the Amount of iPhone Water Damage Repair Your Device May Need

iphone water damageAre you dealing with iPhone water damage? iPhones are not inexpensive gadgets, and most people who purchase these devices usually purchase a protective case or holder that will reduce the amount of scratches the phone may receive. However, it only takes a second for this expensive device to slip from your hands and land in a pool of water. This is one type of the iPhone accident that most users of the device dread the most.

An iPhone that has water damage may have damage that could have been prevented, and other damage may have been beyond the user’s control. This is why users of iPhones should be aware of the immediate steps that they should take right after their device has come into contact with water. These are steps that you can take before hiring a repair service to fix your damaged iPhone.

Act Quickly – iPhone Water Damage

You must respond quickly once you realize that your iPhone has become wet. The faster that you respond, the less damage will occur to the phone.

The first thing that you should do is turn the phone off if it was on when it became wet. This will prevent significant damage from occurring to the circuit board, and will also prevent a short circuit in the iPhone. Short circuits can cause the device to lose memory, apps and other stored data.

Take the GSM Card and the Battery Out Of the Device

The next thing that you will need to do before you contact an iPhone water damage repair service is to take the battery out of the iPhone. You will also need to take the GSM card out. By doing this, you will be able to remove any excess water that may be in the phone by shaking the phone. Do not try to speed up the drying process by exposing your iPhone to a hair dryer or a microwave. The excessive heat can cause corrosion and damage to the fragile parts of the device.

Some do it yourself tutorials recommend placing the iPhone in a bowl of rice at this point to remove the extra water from the iPhone. A better option would be to find an iPhone water damage repair specialist who has the necessary skills, experience and certification to restore your iPhone back to new.