Smartphone Repair

Is your smartphone acting stupid? You need to make a wise decision about where to go for smartphone repair. In Alpharetta and surrounding areas, that usually means contacting Alpharetta Cell Phone Repair to get a free estimate. You’ll be surprised by our low prices and impressed with our knowledgeable team.

Long-Distance Servicing

Trusting a local expert with your phone sure beats mailing your device to a distant service location while you wait at home, hoping the repair bill won’t be too high. With our repair services, you are in total control of how much you spend—and you know where we work if you aren’t 100% satisfied with our service. Our quick fix policy means you get back out the door and on your phone again as soon as possible. Keep your thumbs warm. You’ll be texting again before you know it!

Calling All Smartphone Users…

Our technicians work on a wide variety of the most popular smartphone models on the market. Plus, we are constantly looking for new models to buy so we can stay up to date with the latest innovations. It’s a legitimate business expense, but it’s also an excuse to buy the latest greatest gadgets!

Want to know if we can work on your smartphone? Fill out our estimate request form or give us a quick call with your phone’s brand name and model number. We can let you know right away if it’s a device we service. If you know exactly what’s wrong with your smartphone, we can usually give you an initial estimate too. We never waste your time.

At Alpharetta Cell Phone Repair, we’re smart enough to listen to what our customers really want. So, we cover a broad range of common repairs:

  • Replace cracked or screen components like touchscreens (digitizers), glass, and LCDs
  • Repair or replace broken cases
  • Hook up broken connections
  • Fix or replace busted speakers
  • Change out dead or dying batteries
  • Troubleshoot common OS (operating system) problems
  • Dry out, restore, and refurbish after water damage (when possible)

We’re also pretty good at figuring out the weird stuff that may stump other cell phone repair techs. If you don’t know what’s wrong with your device, bring it in anyway and we’ll be glad to take a look.

Fair Warning: Be sure to back up all your smartphone data before you hand over your device. We may have to “go nuclear” with your smartphone software and restore the factory settings during repairs, and we don’t like making customers cry.

We’re open seven days a week to repair smartphones in Johns Creek, Cumming, Milton, Roswell, and Alpharetta. Enjoy a 30 day guarantee on repairs when you bring or mail us your phone!