Tablet Repair

Broken TabletAt Alpharetta Cell Phone Repair, we love doing tablet repair. Alpharetta customers’ most common complaints about their tablets have to do with the display or the battery. Fortunately, these are easy fixes with the right parts and an intricate knowledge of how to safely disassemble and reassemble these devices. Needless to say, our techs have the tools and the experience to do this repair job right.

What Kind of Tablet Repairs Do We Offer?

In addition to the iPad, we also service common models like the Samsung Galaxy, Android Tablets, iPad, and iPad Mini. We can fix display issues, replace batteries, and repair damage to the case, speakers, or connections. As with all our repairs, we provide a no-charge evaluation so you know how much the fix will cost before you sign on the dotted line.

Here is a list of the most common devices we work on:

Is Your Tablet Cracking Up?

Broken glass on your tablet is one problem you don’t need a professional to diagnose for you. What you might not realize is that the glass is actually fused directly to the digitizer. The digitizer is the component that makes your tablet respond to your touch. If that’s busted, your tablet will no longer let you stroke, pinch, spin, press, and slide your way through all those marvelous apps. Regardless of which component is broken (the glass or the digitizer), both must be replaced together. If someone is selling you just a new piece of glass, they are trying to fool you into paying for a worthless repair.

Who Turned Out the Lights?

The LCD screen is another item that can affect the display capability of your tablet. This is the part that actually shows you the images on your screen. It is below the glass and the digitizer. When the LCD is broken or defective, this display will be dim or blank. This can happen in patches or across the whole screen.

The Energizer Bunny Just Died

One common issue with tablets that have been in service for a few years is a worn out battery. It will fail to hold a charge and drain very quickly, even with light usage. Unlike a laptop or an old-style cell phone that has an access panel for simple battery replacement, most tablet batteries can’t be replaced as a DIY job. Yes, that means you have to take it to a professional to get a new battery put in. Fortunately, you don’t have to drop a ton of money to get your tablet rejuvenated.

At Alpharetta Cell Phone Repair, we know what matters. That’s why we offer low prices, fast service, and a 30 day repair guarantee. We’re open seven days a week to repair tablets to customers in the areas Johns Creek, Cumming, Milton, Roswell, and Alpharetta. Contact us today for a free estimate!