iPad Glass Replacement

ipad glass repairHave you dropped your iPad recently? Did you shudder when it hit the ground, hoping against hope that the glass was intact? Have you kept using your iPad even though the cracks in the glass are ruining your enjoyment of your device? Has it mysteriously stopped working at all because the digitizer function was disrupted when the glass broke? The good news is that you don’t need to replace your device. Instead, it’s time to find an affordable option for iPad glass repair. At the intersection of Haynes Bridge Road and Old Milton Parkway in Alpharetta, your best bet is our conveniently located iPad restoration center.

Why Come to Us for iPad Glass Replacement?

This really isn’t a simple fix unless you have the right tools and experience. A DIY or amateur job can lead to a number of serious problems including damage to internal components that can increase the total cost of repair. Unless everything is reconnected properly, the iPad may not work at all. If someone accidentally touches the inside of the glass with a finger, or dust and lint get on the LCD, your screen will still look bad even though the cracks are gone.

Fortunately, our technicians are experts at every step in the glass/digitizer replacement process:

  • Removing all the broken glass and old adhesive
  • Safely disconnecting and detaching pieces that are in the way
  • Reconnecting all the components afterward
  • Keeping the glass clean throughout the installation process
  • Testing to ensure everything is working properly
  • Securely sealing the new glass in place

Because we do this kind of repair every day, we have it down to a science. In most cases, this is a “while you wait” fix. Plus, you always get a free estimate up front so you can make a smart decision about your repair options. Come to Alpharetta Cell Phone Repair today and stop cracking up over your cracked iPad screen.