iPad Mini 3 Repair

iPad mini 3 RepairYour water-damaged iPad mini 3 repair story may go something like this…
At a pool party, you were so excited to show everyone your new gold-colored finished iPad mini 3 with the new Touch ID home button that your hands got a little shaky, palms got a little sweaty, and your device ended up falling out of your hands and into the pool!


How about this: you bought a new iPad mini 3 for yourself and your kids decided to play with it (without your permission) and see if it could float as well as their other toys do in the toilet.

Whatever the cause of your device’s water damage, all you know is now you cannot turn it on and it is showing no signs of “life.” Oh well, time to suck it up and shell out more cash to buy a new one. Or is it?

Don’t Be So Quick to Run out to Buy a New Device: Consider iPad Mini 3 Repair

Why spend money on a brand new iPad Mini 3 when there’s a chance your water-damaged one can be repaired? If you’ve already made up your mind to get a new device, and are heading out to the electronics store after reading this, do yourself a favor and make a pit stop at a professional electronics repair shop first. Seek their expert advice before you make that major purchase.

An expert repair shop will be able to do a quick check of your iPad Mini 3 and tell you either:

1. “Yes, you need to get back in your car and go buy another one.”


2. “Don’t sweat it. We’ll take care of you.”

If you get the first response, try not to cry. Know you did all you could. If you get the second response, you’re golden, because repairing your iPad Mini 3 will cost you a lot less than buying a brand new one.

iPad Mini 3 Repair Is Not a Job You Want to Tackle Yourself.

If you’re a DIYer, you might be thinking, “Hey, I could save myself even more money by fixing the water damage myself!” If this is where you’re at, your next thought should then be, “How do I begin this?” as there are a number of challenges you’re facing in this repair. Consider this:

  • First, Apple doesn’t make it easy to get inside any of their devices, and there are many parts of the iPad Mini 3 that could be damaged due to water exposure.
  • Second, knowing which part or parts were affected and getting to those parts without damaging the non-affected parts is critical to having a properly working device when finished.
  • Last, without the necessary equipment to open up the iPad Mini 3 and pinpoint the source of the problem, you’ll be wasting your time and money and likely end up causing more damage.

Getting into the device is a challenge, and it takes skills most of us novice end-users don’t have, even with the help of online tutorials. Without proper experience, you are bound to damage the device and inside parts as you take the device apart. No matter how many times you replay or re-read that tutorial, in the end, it’ll do you no good. Why? Because the people who made the tutorial have experience and know what they’re doing.

Apple devices are designed to be repaired by professionals familiar with Apple products. Your iPad Mini 3 is an expensive device that contains your valuable information. Why risk causing unfixable damage to it and losing all your data just to save a few bucks?

You Can’t Perform Professional iPad Mini 3 Repair, But We Can!

Do yourself a favor and let our professional team at Alpharetta Cell Phone Repair remove the guesswork and give you concrete answers and solutions for your damaged iPad mini 3.

Our team of experts can relieve your frustrations and save you time by telling you if your device can be saved or if it’s a total loss. If it can be saved, know that we will use our technical expertise to open up your device without causing damage, fix the problem quickly, and return your device to you working better than ever. You get injury-free peace of mind and savings in your pocket.

Do you have an iPad mini 3 with water damage or other issues? Have an Alpharetta Cell Phone Repair tech check it out by calling us at (770) 569-2002; we can provide the iPad Mini 3 repair you need today.